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Welcome, I'm a freelance contractor providing professional French English translation services. I'm located in Canada near Montreal (the biggest French speaking area of Canada), I provide translation services for government, corporate and individual clients internationally.


My work is driven by your specific translation requirements. I strongly believe that my role in your business is to provide a reliable, fast and accurate service for your business.


You could consider me as your virtual translation resource.

I already translated some websites, medical documents, assembly manual, cover letters,... from English to French or the reverse, check my Odesk contracts.

I'm fast and efficient, check my feedbacks!

As a professional English French Translator, I look forward to translating your texts into a good European or Canadian Native French language !

Quality Assurance

High-quality translations are vital to business success. You need to be sure that your documents are translated accurately and completely into French. I check each translation to ensure the highest quality in finished documents. They are proofread at least once, if not twice!

Fast Delivery

On the date or time of the agreement, or even before, the translation is sent to you in compliance with the conditions stated in the contract . Meeting delivery deadlines is a priority, I understand that time is critical for every project. My translation process ensures you have your translations delivered always on time

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  • If the result is "MANUAL QUOTE NEEDED", then use the contact me form for processing manually your free translation quote request.
  • The results are valid if the document to be translated is a digital document (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, ...). Scanned documents (Faxes for example) should be manually quoted.
  • For confirming the translation quote, in all cases you should either contact me or hire me through Odesk.

French Translation of The Day

Ring is an interesting word once translated in french. Depending on the context and complexity of the ring, the term to use will be different in French!

For a very simple ring, like a gold ring, a silver ring, I would use: Anneau (which is a masculine word)

For a more complex ring, like a gold ring with a stone, I would use: Bague (which is a feminine word)

And finally, for A Wedding Ring, I would use: Une Alliance

As you can see, translating english to french requires some knowledge of the context, translating a sentence without a context could be quite a challenge...

What I'm working on

Here are my current jobs in progress:

  • SAP How To Guides Writing (500-1500 words)(On going)
  • Italian Tour Operator Web Site English to French Translation directly in Wordpress (On going)